"Think Global, act Local"

Being an actor in favor of the environment and/or social issues involves, among other things, producing workshops, communication media, exhibitions, video clips, etc.

It takes time, resources, special skills... How can we devote more time to actions and increase the impact of our messages?

What if, to be heard by as many people as possible, we shared our productions?

We learn with others.

Each individual embodies the accumulation of knowledge and skills acquired by his congeners and ancestors. That’s why we know how to write, speak, think, create, better understand our environment...

To achieve this, humanity has transmitted and refined knowledge on many media through the ages...

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property protects the recognition of the author (we speak of moral rights), but prevents sharing, modification and collaboration with the associated intellectual property rights. This intellectual property right is purely linked to the exploitation and the financial aspect induced by it.

Copyright is automatic protection in most countries.

Free and open licenses

Free and open licenses

Choosing a free or open license means protecting the recognition of the authors while allowing to share!

Thus, it is possible to translate, update, embellish, have another approach for another audience, distribute, ..., documents from other people with similar goals!

For example, a translated document will reach many more people who would not necessarily have had access to this information in their language!

You must then allow access to the source document (the modifiable version) and indicate the license of the creation.

Some existing licenses

Free and open licenses

Sharing and knowing

Thus, we share information and skills through our productions. For an hour spent sharing, we gain dozens by recovering productions from other creators.

Changing our way of conceiving property allows us to have recognition, while offering much more in favor of the environment and society.

This constitutes a society based on sharing and knowledge, more than "having things" and personal property.

Free and open licenses


Known and recognized websites

It’s always good to share on well-known and popular websites.

For encyclopedic content, use Wikipedia.

Wikimedia will be very useful for video content, posters, reports, photos…

Specific sites

It’s nice to find a "community" of people to talk to who share the same interests.

This website highlights projects under free licenses.

This one allows you to detail an action whose implementation you wish to share, to make it reproducible.

The general interest prevails over the particular interest, especially if the particular interest (often financial) harms society and therefore itself in the medium term.

Free and open licenses

Get involve

Ideas can belong to humanity and help us move forward faster in a knowledge-sharing society.

Talk about it within your organization! Open the debate on free licenses!

To give us a hand or contact us, it’s over here!